What is PAMM Account
PAMM Technology
The Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM) accounts service is an investment system that brings investors and traders together. The system allows investors to trade and earn profits from the financial markets without executing any trade or monitoring market positions themselves. Clients’ accounts are managed by a trader, who trades on their behalf (portfolio manager). This service also allows the money managers to trade with larger funds and receive additional income.
See the process
A money manager opens an AlgoFxPro PAMM account and funds it with a certain amount he won't be able to withdraw from his initial investment. Then, he creates his proposal and sets his terms of service which includes how much commission he wants to charge from the profits earned.
An interested investor will search through our PAMM accounts list and choose the account he would like to invest in.
Once the money manager gets an investor, he begins to execute trades with his own personal money and that of the investor. Recorded market gains and losses are shared between the manager and the investor based on their individual investments.
See How It Works
A manager opens an AlgoFxPro PAMM account, funds it, begins to trade and sets his conditions for investors.
The manager continues to trade using his own money and the investor's capital.
Their PAMM account rating improves after every successful trading executed by the managers.
When profits are made, the manager and investors will share the gains based on the amount each individual invested initially.
Then, the investor pays a percentage of the profit to the manager as commission according to the conditions specified in the manager's offer.
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