1. Check all our EAs and their performance
2. Decide which one fits you according to their risks and potential reward
3. Register and finish a payment process
4. Get your EA on your email with installation instruction
5. Run the EA and start trading with the broker you work with
The profits are highly dependent on the market behavior for a given period. Our robots are highly analytical and will only trade when the market conditions are great. So, during some periods, the robots won’t execute a single trade due to ominous trading conditions, and in other times, they trade and generate multiple profits within a few days. Averagely, the profit is between 10-20% a month, but the best result is 100% within 2 months.
Even though we are highly skilled traders, we tell our customers that the financial market is highly volatile and can change fast. Our robots are powered by artificial intelligence to use mathematical algorithms for accurate market predictions. Only fraudsters promise risk-free trading; our robots can only guarantee a 70% profitability rate, which is high enough to produce consistent wins for investors.
The answer is very simple. We created this company to reach millions of customers and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. Only a few people in the whole world can afford to run a personal account with hundreds of millions. So, for us, it makes more sense to run our company instead.
We uphold stringent regulatory standards to protect your funds. The brokers on our list are regulated, and you can trust them.
All our customers sign an agreement to pay us a certain percentage of their earnings. Your license will be withdrawn, and your robot deactivated, if you fail to pay by the deadline. And unfortunately, we will not work with you again in the future. However, we are confident in the quality of our product and not afraid to lose one customer for non-payment – most traders have enough common sense not to kill a golden goose, so to speak.
You can use our products* for free until you get real results. Also, you will only work with regulated brokers after you register. We highly recommend that you take a thorough look at that website, and your fears will instantly disappear.
*The condition does not apply to FTMO EAs

Whether you are a beginner and or an experienced trader, you can safely use our robots. This package will allow you to grow and expand on autopilot. Our process is seamless, and our experts will hold you by the hand and walk you through the steps. We will always support you and provide market updates. So, with us you are safe even if you are a beginner with zero trading experience.
No, we don’t create EA software to order. We work on a wide range of our own projects, and we have neither the time nor the desire to work on testing out someone else's ideas. Moreover, we know from experience that most of these ideas don’t work out, and those few that do are developed by the people who come up with them in the first place, not passed down to outside teams that can easily copy them.
You can’t generate any reasonable profit with $10. If you don’t have the minimum deposit right now, you need to wait and get the right amount before thinking about trading.
Yes, we do. We offer cash rewards to customer who take the time to refer business back to us, and we extend this reward to every individual who wants to partner with us by referring people to our business.
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