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What is capital in Forex: the size and usage
Expending one's knowledge of the basic aspects of trading, every novice trader will face the question of what capital in Forex is.
Successful traders always limit their losses
As newcomers to Forex trading, many traders face a serious issue – the desire to make a lot of money in a short time.
The McClellan Oscillator: All a novice trader needs to know
Successful traders always follow verified and proven trading strategies.
Top 10 tips for turning a loser into a successful trader
To become a professional trader and achieve success in the field, it is very important to understand that the financial market does not forgive mistakes and requires maximum discipline from everyone involved.
Pros and cons of using TOP 3 volatility indicators
Every trader has to deal with volatility on a daily basis, on which, in fact, the profitability of each trade depends.
Aspects of Forex trading at night
The financial market is flat during the night.
Top 5 unforgivable intraday trading mistakes
Nowadays day trading is very popular, in particular, because it allows you to minimize risks.
How to trade the Diamond formation
When trying to understand technical analysis methods, newcomers to the financial market most often use a certain set of the most popular tools that allow them to obtain the most reliable trend signals.
About a margin in Forex in simple terms
The market can become a major source of income only for those traders who are not too lazy to spend time studying all the theoretical basics.
How to use the RSI indicator
Indicators are auxiliary tools for conducting a technical analysis of the market.
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