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Aspects of trading with a Pivot Points indicator
To create a good trading strategy for the currency market, you will need to use various technical indicators.
What is Forex volatility?
When starting to invest, each trader learns some basics without which it is impossible to understand the financial market.
The Bitcoin exchange rate continues to rise steadily
December has long been called “the month of cryptocurrency” as it is at this time of year that fundamental events occur that affect the exchange rate of virtual coins.
What is a Forex swap, and how to make money with it?
The currency market offers endless opportunities for those who dream of remote earnings.
What is a stop-loss in Forex trading?
Every experienced trader understands that it is simply impossible to prevent financial losses if you trade in the financial market.
What is a trading terminal?
Digital technology is gradually taking over all spheres of our lives.
How to trade in Forex market?
To start working in Forex market as a trader you only need to learn the basics of trading in the financial market.
Efficient ways to deal with emotions in trading
When beginners start trading in the Forex market, almost all of them use a demo account.
What is forex hedging and can it help beginners?
As a novice trader, many find it difficult to learn how to remain calm and collected.
TOP 10 most infamous traders in the world
Trading is a job for strong-minded people. The financial market brings success only to those who can think rationally and are not subject to emotions.
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